Case Study

Digital Imaging Case Study

Elon Eugene

January 17-may 10

Throughout the semester of digital imaging the class had to complete three different projects in order to pass the course. First one was Hyper Realism, second one was Cubism, and the third one was Collage. And then we had to complete a Case study which is this paper you are reading. For each assignment you had to work with photography or your own sketch. We had to work with separate photos then we had to bring them into one to make one composition but in order to do that we had to learn the tools in Photoshop.

Introduction Assignment 1

So the first assignment for the class was Hyper realism. The Hyper realism project was more like a creative project where you have to work with multiple elements and bring them all into one image. And every element had to commute with each other. I had fewer different concepts but my main idea was to show heaven the earth and then hell. They all come together as one big picture and I also had a man who is about to take the stairs to heaven as an angle is reaching out for him.


After viewing Ron Mueck website ( ideas just started running through my head like a running machine and that’s how I came up with my ideas. His work are so amazing, they all look real with no mistakes. My Idea started with a background with a stairs because what I’m trying to do is to show life, so I brought heaven, earth and hell to the picture. I added a sidewalk for each one. It is a symbol of which path we want to take in life.

Progress and Strategie

At first I was stressing when I heard that we had to work with multiple of different images because when the professor explained the project she made it sound so intense. But to create this hyper project I had to bring all the images I knew I wanted to work with together to have the feeling of how it would look after the final piece which is six different images. First step I took was this background I took from (google) is this fantasy place which have a long stair reaching to the sky with a river going through under the stairs. I kept the background exactly how I took it from google then I also took a photograph of two person a woman and a man walking on (google). I cut the man out of the photograph and place him to the background, I place him in a position like he’s about to walk up the stairs. My second step was to find an angle to add in the cloud so I went to search for an angle on (google) once again . I found an angle that was reaching out her hand so I chose that one because it created a better movement to the image and then I cut it out then I blended it in with the clouds. My third step was replacing the river from the background to fire to represent hell and then I went to (google) to search for a good fire flame and then I found this lady in flame so I also brought her to the image because I thought she make a better connection to the image. After I found all my images and cut them up that’s when I started think about my composition. I started to move the pieces around so that everything can match and have a great connection. After I had everything connected to where they needed to be that’s when I started to really work with the tools. For the hyper project its kind of difficult to make it look completely real but in order to make it real you need to use almost all the tools in photoshop. For me I used polygonal lasso tool and the magic wand to cut the images up to a level where I cant see the hard edges. For the other tools I used the blur tool to fix the edges and I also use the blend tool to blend in the clouds and the fire and another tool I used the most was the clone tool and that was to repeat the clouds and the fire. I also used the gallery filter to create a better gradation to the image. I added some shadows to make it look like every were real and wasn’t copy and past to the picture.


For the final result you can go to my website at ( It came out really nice. The composition is well positioned, the story is well organize, and if you look at it, it looks like a photograph taken by a person. All I can say is that this project was a long process and real hard to complete but I fight it and it turned out to be really amazing.

Hyper Realism

Introduce assignment 2

The second assignment was to create a cubist piece of multiple photograph. This project we had to work with five different concept. First concept had to be a self portrait, the second concept was a still life, third concept was a landscape, fourth concept was a second landscape, and then the fifth concept was our choice of the first three concept. For the cubism piece my choice was the first concept which is a self portrait.


To start the cubism progress I had to view some of Pablo Picassos cubist piece on ( After viewing his work on google I realize what I nee to do to get a start on the cubist project. After viewing Picasso’s cubist work I also realize to make a good cubism project you have to work with a lot of shapes and color. My first idea for this cubism project I tempt to use my little nephew. I photographed my little nephew with a skateboard in different poses.

Progress and Strategies

creating this cubism project I found it really intense at time. First I had to photograph my little nephew in different poses which I had a really hard time doing in term of getting him to stay still and for him to position himself. Then I sent the photos from my Iphone to my Email and then save them to the art drive. After I receive all the pictures then I open photoshop and got to work. First I open all the images of my little nephew and sketch the pieces I would cut in my head, mark the spot I will be cutting for the project. After I lay down all my sketch I start to cut all the piece I need in the photograph to bring my composition together. After I cut all the images I started making shape and started thinking where they will be place to the composition. After placing pieces to pieces I start to see the image breaking up in to shape and as I go I kept adding colors and using the gallery filter so that the shapes can pop out to the image. The biggest strategy I used to complete this project was to taking step by step although it was taking me a long time to reach the end of the project. That was the best strategy you can ever find to create a cubism image. I learned that from Professor (Debrah Krikun) she thought me to work from one spot to another that way you working with a better view. I found the worst strategy is working with the whole entire image at the same time because you can barely see the empty spot and by looking at the whole image the entire time you always going to think its finish.


The only main problem I had with the cubism project was how to connect the puzzles together. I had a really big problem finding that path because I had to keep moving and changing my composition a few time. My other was cutting all these different shapes because some of them would come out with these hard edges.


I think the project was really successful because I had different shape in it, different colors and I also worked with the gallery filter to add so graphic to the image. By adding these different gradient to the image I think that’s what make a good cubism.


Introducing assignment 3

Assignment three was my easiest assignment throughout the semester because it was only a collage where you had to create different collages of different images. For this project the class had to pick five different concepts and then we had to pick our best after our professor view all concept. First concept I chose was the same photographs of my little nephew from my final cubism project except in different poses. My second concept was a still life I set up at home, my third concept was sports, soccer, basketball and football. My fourth concept was a professional soccer player (Messi foleno), my fifth concept was me in the gym.


My Idea started off with the cubism, I realize they had some type of relation except a cubism has more shape and more pieces to it. Also I had this link I was viewing on the internet but I don’t remember the link realize you don’t have to spend as much time you spend on a cubism work. So to start up my collage project I used the same photographers I used of my little nephew for the cubism project. I wanted to make this piece very popular so used my little nephew twice in two different projects. I wanted people to view this image to say that’s Elons art work.

Progress and strategy

I started this project as the cubism project until professor Krikun said “this look more like a collage” and then that’s when I start changing it up to a collage. Check it on on my website ( To get this project to look like collage I brought in a lot of photographers of my little nephew and cut them into different shapes. First I opened photoshop and then I added a brown paper background and then added the pieces I already cut place them on the background. After I place them to the background I start to rearrange them to find my way to a better composition so that its not so centered. Then I start to play with the colors and play around with the tools so I can cover the hard edges. I mostly used the lasso to make shape, another tool I used the most was the blur tool to clean the edges and also use the blending tools. And also I added some shadows so that it can have a better value.


For this project I didn’t have much problem completing it because I’m used to working with collage from ( I only had problems finding the right tools.


It came to a great finish and very creative. Like I said this one was my favorite throughout the semester. I really took my time doing it. I like how his skateboard is facing in different position and all the other images and the shapes.


Introducing assignment 4

The final project we had to make an option out of the three, hyper realism, cubism, or collage. My option was hyper realism. First thing I did to make this optional project I took a picture of my hand opened close to see the palm of my hand. I wanted to have something in my hand but I didn’t know what it would be. But I did know that I wanted to keep it simple so that I didn’t have to spend so much time on it.


My idea was to have my hand lay down flat showing the palm of my hand because I wanted to place a tiny airplane on the palm of my hand. I wanted to make it like I was advertising some air plane. That idea came straight from my head.

Progress and Strategy

To make this work first I took a picture of my hand from my Iphone. Since I knew I wanted to advertise airplane so I went to ( to look for a toy airplane to place on my hand and then I also search for a background that show a lot about airplane. I found a background which was perfect for the project, it was a sketch showing different parts of how an airplane look. After I did my research I made a thumbnail sketch to see how I will lay down this project. Fist I place the background to photoshop then I cut out my hand and clean the edges with the lasso tools. After I place my hand to the background I cut out the toy airplane with the magic wand tool because the it had a all white background. Then I place it to my hand added a couple little shadows so it can look like its really on the palm on my hand. Also I added text on the right side. I wanted the text to make since so I went to (you to search for airplanes commercials.


Throughout the progress of this project I was having problem finding a perfect toy airplane because of course I wanted it to seat right onto my hand so that it would look real. My other problem having was the working with the text.


Well in my eyes it looks pretty good, it looks like an image that was done by a professional. The text are well done, the shadows are well organize, it look like I took the picture with the airplane on my hand and the edges are cut real good. I like it


I will like you viewers to support my site by leave a comment PLEASE view my site at (


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